Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Photo Credit (Stefan Isfeld)

since my first outdoor ride of the year which was on March 12. This does not include Ice Bike which was really my first bike race ever and I performed pathetically at it, which would be expected when you do a race with your disk breaks rubbing the whole time because you put the tire on askew.

Not bad for someone who also had to run train and swim train and when I had the kids had no built-in other babysitter and was stuck at home running laps around the park in front of my house.

I teach research methods and I like stats. And I'm a geek. So after close inventory and analysis of my training calendar, the breakdown looks like this:

899 km commuting to work and other places. I have the summer off so I can break this down to 534 km in the spring and 365 this fall. I don't ride to work every day. I would, if I didn't have kid drop-offs and pick-ups to work into the equation.

367 km in Tucson

38 km Mountain Biking. That is really really sad and why I have not earned a dual suspension.

428 km Randonneur Rides. The two separate 200s in May and in August.

542 km in races and special events, 140 of those cyclocross related, 3 Olympic distance triathlons, 2 long duathlons, the Calgary 70.3; and 140 for the Riding Mountain MS bike tour, which, of course, Is NOT a race. 

427 km for the entire Golden Triangle Day 1, 2, 3

116 Additional kms out in Calgary and Canmore on other days (excluding the race).

394 km in Kenora. Although I think that is a gross underestimate and I've misclassified a few kms elsewhere.

1573 km on all other rides and training rides and group rides and solo slogs down various highways.

It is November 9. There is no snow so still time for the odometer to roll over to 5000. Who wants to ride?

I think I've earned my 3 bikes. Have I earned a 4th?

N + 1

Next year I turn 40.


JP said...

Yes!! You definitely deserve another bike. Nice work. Lots of solid KM's!

Kim said...

Thanks JP... and nice showing for you the other day. Well done!

Gail E. said...

I'd volunteer to ride with you but I'm not that much of a glutton for punishment. Maybe if I load you down with cinder blocks, or give you square tires lol. But wow, that's a lot of mileage in a really short riding season. Way to go!!

Terri said...

I'm game! Might push me over 1000 for the year. :P