Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lottery Ticket Please?

Me looking normal (Dave Benson, photo)
I'm having a better day today, thanks. Which means I'm thinking about bikes.

I have three major things I am coveting right now:

skate skis (soon)
aero wheels for my road bike (spring)
and my very own cross bike (fall)

Snap my fingers and hand me $5000 now please. Thats a tough one for a single income, 57% of the time single parent of 2 (kids don't come cheap you know). So what if I have a good job. The more you make the more you spend and I have too much debt already.

As someone who has owned three different road bikes in the last 2.5 years I know I am not going to be satisfied with an $800 cross bike for very long. I've been spoiled rotten by my bicycle benefactor who is simply satisfied with a triple venti caramel macchiato with whip as payment.  Given I've been riding with beautiful SRAM Rival drive train this season, how could I settle for anything less? I would even sacrifice bike weight for good components.

And finding a used XS Cross bike of high quality will be darn near impossible. I think I need a 48 or a 49. In my quick scan of the internet, it is hard to find even new ones out there that are that small.

And Cross is really hard on bikes. I took Dave's bike into the store today, hanging my head in shame at the rust on the chain and the rust on the pedals. It turns out that in addition to all that, the whole front end was out of alignment -- likely from my fall in Altona.

That will be bike #4. My kids will hate me. I turn them off bikes with my incessant obsessiveness,  similar to how they turn me off things like Bakugan and Club Penguin.

And may I just say publicly, I love Cross people. You are all so laid back and friendly and welcoming and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better. I know some of you have stumbled across my little blog that I figured no one was ever looking at except for my closest friends. I'm flattered and stunned that you would take interest. This whole cyber spying thing is a little frightening... I'll be have to be careful what I say now...(wink).

See you at Provincials.



Story Teller said...

I can echo that sentiment! No bike purchases in my future, but I'm SO eager to be out of debt (which will happen at the end of next year, if no crisis arises). Being in debt has to be one of the worst feelings. I know lots of people are in worse situations, but I can't stomach it. Good luck with finding the extra cash to do what you love.

Carly said...

I have combination skate/classic skis and boots... they are great! Especially if you are just skiing around MAnitoba (and not in the mtns!) I also use a longer set of poles all the time. I don't know how they full on compare to full on skate gear but you could always sell your regular classic stuff to help finance the combo set...
oh I hope we get more snow for skiing this year!

Kim said...

Given I've proven to be the kind of person that has the correct ideal gear for the sport in question (e.g. you must have a mountain bike for mountain biking and a commuter for commuting and a road bike for roading -- the only exception to the rule is that I have no desire to own a TT bike for triathlon. Hate those things. I'm quite happy with aerobars on my road bike as necessary.).... I'm gonna for sure want full on skate skis. I AM however hoping I can get away with using my classic boots for skate skiing for at least one year. They are good boots and high in the ankle so I'll see how that goes. That will be a $200-$300 expense put off for a year anyhow.

KK said...

Sometimes wasting a bit of the work day secreting viewing other cyclists' blogs is the best part of being a Winnipeg cyclist.

Kim said...

KK... I avoid work at EVERY opportunity. Yesterday's blog was my workday..lol. Thanks for reading!

Lisa said...

I hear you - LOUD & CLEAR (from someone who just made a $400 downpayment on child #1's braces - child #2 to come in the new year).

I want skate skis big time - LOVED it when I tried it last winter. I want a commuter bike. I want to buy my son a bike that fits him.

But...I don't NEED any of the above. And I don't NEED any more debt...Sometimes it's a challenge keeping my head above water...*sigh..

Kim said...

Carpe Diem, says Kim, Carpe Diem....

Instant gratification also drives me.

So does lack of patience.

If I had to choose one of those things to give up it would be the wheels, the others, not so easy to let go of in my head.