Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pssst.... Wanna buy a bike?

And because you've seen enough of me, here's Dave at Wildwood this year (photo by Stefan Isfeld)
So Dave's bike is for sale if you are in the market. Specs are here. It is a size small, 53 cm. Dave's about 5'8"

He's asking a ridiculously low price of $1300 (no tax, no manufacturers warranty). Bike mechanic owned and maintained.

And it is a really sweet ride. I'll vouch for that. It has served me more than well this year. Wish I could buy it myself but he won't sell it to me. It's too big, and having been through the arduous and expensive process of trying to fit a too big bike to me and having it fail miserably and have to buy another bike anyway, I know better. And I trust Dave's judgement.

But you can't have it till after the 27th as I need it for the last race. But feel free to come up and check it out.

dave at alteregosports dot com

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Lisa said...

Not reading this post...nope...didn't see it at all...;0))))))