Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Making the News and a Retrospect Photolog...

I got trapped by a news crew for the second time in a month yesterday on my commute to work. We won't mention the fact that I was riding to work about an hour later than I should have been so fate intervened in my dis-favor in this case. We also won't mention the fact that you can clearly see in this video that I am riding on the sidewalk which I was doing because of the construction that started on the street likely only just before I went riding by. I couldn't watch it on TV but I did search for the video and watch in online (cringing the whole time) and I am pleased to say that I don't look fat and I don't sound stupid and for once, the news editor chose a clip where I am not bumbling and stuttering over my words which is what I really did for the majority of the 10 minutes I talked to him. I don't really like to talk on camera as it makes me feel self conscious and stupid but in this case I made an exception because the reporter was kinda hot. And because it was about bike path infrastructure in my city. So if you choose to look at the video be warned that the link is of the ENTIRE news and you can find me about 7:30 minutes in (or just beyond). So fast forward. Unfortunately I can't do anything about the 30 second commercial you will be forced to view prior to the start of the news itself.

The other thing I am wishing to post today is that I finally received an email with the link to the photo albums from the MS Bike Tour and I will post some of the highlights. Enjoy.

There's Candy, doing her thing, kicking my butt up the big hill on the first day. You can just see me as a blip of orange far in the background.

Team Lorrie and Paul the Ironman Queen and King and my draft on Day 1

rrrr..... Red River Rebel Rider's Team 2010
Michael, Roxane, Jim, Ashley, Yuri, Mike, Kim, Guy

Me pretending I'm fast enough to keep up with the lead guys on the way out of Dauphin on Day 2

Me looking fast, and again, not looking fat on the fabulous Madone (God I love my bike!!)

Big Mike on a Bike battling some wind or some huge gradient. There was a lot of both.

Kevin. Mr. Under-2-hours on Day 1

Michael (who turns 50! today) and Jim at the end of a big climb.

Andre wondering how I dropped him on the hill.

Me on the hill on day 1... I don't know who the heck that is behind me though.

Mr. Iromman Stig with his race numbers still visible.

Esther and Gyula in tandem. Gyula rode 140 km in two days and then did a larger event just a little over 3 weeks later: Bypass Surgery (He's a miracle man).

Guy piloting his bike wondering how the hill got so small after the Golden Triangle


Terri said...

Great pics - thanks for sharing! And nice job on the news. :) It's terribly unfortunate the way the bike lanes are being done. They SO need to be built, but the city really hasn't done a good job in the way they have gone about the task.

Kim said...

I do agree. That was Berry I was on when I got stopped and it is the widest street I commute on and why chose there to start over some place like Waverly where it is really dangerous to ride and the path system is intermittent. I don't get it. I actually said that on camera but they didn't include it.

They are also doing a bunch of work on Harrow and Wilton right now putting in the round abouts and I'm still trying to figure out how that is really going to help. Other than those streets have been the streets I have been most likely to nearly get hit on by cars sitting at cross stop signs where I have no stop sign. I've had at least 4 close calls in the last 3 weeks.