Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life changes

Yeah I know. It's been a while.

I had a little blow up. Those who know me well know I have done this before. I coast along with a vague sense of disatisfaction and then I simultaneously change everything. In this case, I realized it was time to get out of my house. It was the house I bought with my husband and there were places in it I just couldn't go and sit and relax because they were places that I perceived still belonged to him. It was time for me to make my own space. 

So my fall, starting at around October 13th, looked like this:

End relationship with boyfriend. Look for house. Two weeks later, buy house. A week and a half later, get house on market for showing. Six days later sell house. Two weeks later, move. And all this took place while I was working full time and had picked up an extra course and while I was single parenting 57% of the time and while I was still exercising about 4 hours a week (a significant reduction).

Somewhere in the middle of all that I went out for a casual dinner with a friend who I'd met about a year and a half before at a triathlon. We had hit it off immediately at that first meeting and we ran into each other at various cycling and other sporting events throughout that period. He had become my occasional confident and a sure friend and I knew I adored him. So we had dinner and we had a long conversation and we enjoyed every second of each other. He advised that I stay away from men for a very long time. I said that was DEFINATELY the plan. He told me he was signing up for ironman again because he was giving up on looking for a relationship. I said that sounded like a very good idea. We parted with a hug ready to stick with our goals. He signed up for ironman the next morning. Two days later I was emailing him suggesting we reprise our dinner from several months before where he had made me mussels and wine. We set a date for two weeks later.

And I guess that is how it happens. She vows to stay away from men for a very long time, he signs up for ironman to stay away from women, and then we find each other. It was a pleasant and beautiful surprise.

So now the house is settled. The unpacking and decorating are done. The relationship is flourishing. Its time to write.

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