Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Human Canvas... Phase I

Those of you with me on Facebook have seen this. Many of you have now seen this in person. But as you may recall, on the list of things to do the year I turned 40 was a little body ink. So the art was created by Andy at Metamorphosis on McDermot (although, I think that link must be outdated) and the outlining is done.

Andy was a good sport and has the steadiest hand ever. I was twitching so bad by the end I feared I would have made him go out of the lines, if I didn't kick him in the head first. Wow.. this was far more painful than the one on my back.

But it is in that phase now where I have to constantly resist the urge to scratch the shit out of my leg.

At the end of July I go back for the colour. I will leave you in suspense until then. I'm kinda liking it though.

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