Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sex Sells ....

Got your attention? Naturally. I rode outside today and it was beautiful. It was warm and windy and it was coming from the south and I came home with mud caked in my hair. And I have NO pictures, which is really a good thing. Trust me. But damn I feel good.

Anyways I don't have the time to be all thoughtful and articulate in my blog these days but I can't resist tossing out these latest ads from Pearl Izumi. I tell ya. I'm ready to go shopping!

I can't tell if that's a beer-belly laden (laid-en?) guy with muscular legs at the front of the conga line or a pregnant woman. Thoughts?
And if you have a foot or shoe fetish, this is the one for you. 
Make of this what you will..... But it is definitely memorable.


Jennifer P said...

Love it. Though I think it is a fat man - even at my most pregnant I shaved my legs and had better muscle definition than the guy at the front of the line. Clearly, this is an age-group conga line.

Kim said...

Its kinda like the two wearing the PI stuff are hot and the rest are not. The naked girl with the long hair has a great body but the face is sorta average. Put on PI stuff and you end up looking like the ideal (tall, beautiful and sexy). OH the POWER of advertising. It gets us again. There is no doubt the old guy's legs are photoshopped a touch.

Anonymous said...

most cyclists likely need to wear a paper bag on their heads as bodies are ussually 7-10's and faces can be 5's by majority...anyone who's been riding longer than blogs have been around knows you can have a spare tire and sculpted legs...too much gelato? maybe.

ads should be more raw like the pi ones above, photoshop and midpack critics can pound sand.