Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Only Really Happy When I'm Writing ......

A friend forwarded this article to me and it is so bloody good, I wish I had written it. It pretty much sums up (in a humorous way) exactly what is wrong with my writing life right now and probably explains to some degree why I'm not likely ever to become rich from writing.

Yesterday brought to the forefront of my mind the thought of -- not resolutions -- but goals for 2011. I'm going to write a post about that at some point in the future, but not today. I'm not ready.

It is a big year for me. I'm turning 40. I'm training harder than ever. I have a big biking event I signed up for that I've told a few friends (and the coach) about but haven't revealed to everyone else.

Soon. Soon. I'll write about it as soon as reality hits for me.

I would LOVE to make one of my goals for 2011 to write SOMETHING (short or long) that might be publishable, but the truth of the matter is that I don't at the moment feel that my heart or my mind, and for that matter, my desire, is in a place required to do that.

And frankly, I like these little short efforts I spew out in this blog. I especially like these little spontaneous ones that I spew out quickly because they come to me in a flash of inspiration.

Anyways, the article I linked says it far better than I ever could have dreamed. Enjoy.


What makes me... said...

Love the article you linked to! Very funny guy.

Elspeth Cross said...

I could have written that article. Great link :)

Also, yeah, the 40 thing this year sucks. I also want a publication this year so I can have something to show for it.