Friday, December 3, 2010

Not So Pretty

I was testing out the remote post and it didn't quite work as planned and all the typing didn't go through.

Don't you love how cyclists flaunt their wounds? My turn.

Keep in mind, I don't bruise and this has been nearly a week. 


Anonymous said...

"Keep in mind, I don't bruise"

I used to think that too. Welcome to off roading!

And about the teasing/put downs in your last post... Are you a long lost relative? Sounds like home to me.

wv: excess

Kim said...

I could be Greg... I think you caught onto my subliminal message there in the last (one of a gazillion in that one, really). It's probably the reason I spend so many hours on a bike.

I must do more off roading next year definitely. Part of the "plan" is endurance mountain bike races. About two women show up so I'm guaranteed to do well. I don't think I'm quite ready to do them SS though. Good on you.

And I genuinely fell in love with cyclocross this fall. The bruises are definitely battle wounds worn proudly.